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We know the ultimate irregularities in payment with the e-logistics company. We have exact payment date and the payment will be in the promise date without fail. We will definitely cooperative with mutually understanding with each other regarding payment system which definitely overcomes the headache for e-commerce companies and if necessary in changes will be accepted.




360 Reports 

Kalpa Express will definitely go through the research and provide the require reports which includes performance report, instant customer feedback, demand value and market analysis via intercom communication or social sites.


Dash Board Details

E-Commerce companies will get all the information of their shipments through their own Dashboard performance (delivered, out of cargo, cancelled, postponed and rejected) and also can track the shipment through internet anytime from anywhere.

Customer Support

We are always with customer complaints and will seek for the solutions. We will be representative for the e-commerce companies and will go for the satisfaction of customers on behalf of the latter. We will be in touch for whole 365 days via telephone or online support for customers’ query and satisfaction.

 Kalpa 24hrs Operation Manual  

Pickups: Each day before 6: 00 PM                                                                                                                                                                  Packaging & Sorting: Each day before 9:00 AM                                                                                                                                 Dispatches: Each day 10:00 AM

Delivery: Each day before 6:00 PM    



It is our great opportunity to introduce our company and its services to you.  We have been providing the e-logistics services to all e-commerce (online companies) with all advancements.  Though we have been focusing for online companies, we are extending our services for Banks, Schools, NGOs, INGOs, consultancies, and so many more. We would like to inform you that we have made the courier services more flexible and advanced where you can track your documents, parcels via internet from anytime from anywhere. Due to Technical issue we are facing some problem in our system so for instance we will update you via google sheet, We have a pick up and drop services at domestic and also international level.

In the above regards, we will assure that within 24 hour delivery wintin Kathmandu and Pokhara valley Rest of the city 3-5 days delivery will be completed where as 3-7 days time will be taken for international destinations.  We would like to make you assure that we will charge you the minimum rate competitively with the existing couriers where the latter are lacking the above services.Kalpalogistics is a one stop solutions for all your ecommerce needs. We are the first company from Nepal to incorporate IT And delivery together in a smart way.

·         Noo charges for your e-commerce business setup.

·         Normal to Express delivery to more than 45+ domestic desitinations.

·         International Courier Service as well

·         Full support and 100% reliable.

Real-time Tracking

You can track your shipments in real-time (courrier stages) and have a peace of mind.


When your core system is connected to our system, we’ll automatically start the send / collect once you get an order.

Flexible Integration

You can integrate your system to ours and check flow of information. We can provide any technical help if you need.


Great Customer Experience

Our staffs are well looked after to ensure they love their job which will produce great service and exceed customers’ expectations. They understand your customers are our customers.





We offer fasters deliveries to ensure that customers don't have to wait. Understand no one likes to wait. We inform the customers on very stage via emails and texts to keep them happy.


Cost Efficiency

Logistics and courier is our business not yours. We will always do it better and cheaper. Don't spend on the costs of hiring staff, buying vehicles, and buying software & systems to manage deliveries.


Our Objectives we follow in our journey



Be the most preferred logistic solution provider for all ecommerce industry in Nepal




Assist ecommerce business to focus on their core business




Delight customers with quality service by setting new trends through innovation and technology.

This is what we can do for you


Kalpa Express For

Courier Service For Corporates

For Corporate House & Professionals who have recurring delivery packages that go out every day or once a week, we can set your deliveries up on scheduled time so that you don’t have to place the call or pickup request time & again.


Domestic Courier for Individual

We also provide individual courier service. All you need to do is to make a pickup request & we will be there at your door to make a pickup of your parcel and delivery it to the desired destination on time.


International Cargo Service

Kalpalogistics offers secured and risk-free International Courier and Cargo services to all over the world. We will be on your door step as soon as we receive the pick-up request to receive the package to be delivered internationally.


E-commerce Delivery Service

We offer Immediate Cash on Delivery Service all over Nepal to the growing E-commerce Business. Your package is picked up, processed and delivered on time which will help your business to create happy and satisfied customers.


Contact Us:

Address: Gairigaun, Tinkune, Kathmandu

Ph No: 9802831151/9802831155

Email: [email protected]